Environment variables in pipestat

Both the command line interface (CLI) and Python API support a collection of environment variables, which can be used to configure pipestat actions.

Here is a list of the supported environment variables:

Environment variable API argument Description
PIPESTAT_NAMESPACE namespace namespace to report into. This will be the DBtable name if using DB as the object back-end
PIPESTAT_RECORD_ID record_identifier record identifier to report for. Thiscreates a weak bound to the record, which can be overriden in this object method calls
PIPESTAT_CONFIG config path to the configuration file or a mappingwith the config file content
PIPESTAT_RESULTS_FILE results_file_path YAML file to report into, if file isused as the object back-end
PIPESTAT_RESULTS_SCHEMA schema_path path to the output schema that formalizesthe results structure
PIPESTAT_STATUS_SCHEMA status_schema_path path to the status schema that formalizes the status flags structure